Perfectly written…we need not to remain wired 24/7…and miss autumnal leaves fall with a rustle, striking a friendly conversation with a stranger or reading a book for that matter…we need not to stick our noses to those fragile glass displays, playing some idiotic games or downloading some useless app.

Kristina Reardon

So, I have an old phone. That’s not news to anyone who knows me. I carry around an LG Cosmos 2 by choice, intentionally avoiding a smartphone, something I’m not sure I can get away with for much longer. 

Why not?

Let’s go through the reasons that I’ve been told I will enjoy a smartphone when I eventually upgrade to one. 

1. Your music and phone will be integrated!

I can, by choice, carry my music and my phone separately. That doesn’t bother me. I don’t need music walking from place to place and enjoy the sounds of life around me. If I go for a run, it’s cumbersome to carry a phone and prefer my iPod mini clipped to the waistband of my shorts or leggings, if I run with music at all. (Again, I prefer hearing the rustle of leaves under my sneakers and almost any time I…

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